Current Initiatives

Formal Recognition of Clothing-Optional and LGBTQ+ Usage

We're working with the Parks department on getting clothing-optional and LGBTQ+ community uses of the beach officially recognized. Once done, we're excited to add signs to the beach indicating this, so beachgoers don't feel like they're in legal jeopardy for being nude, or at risk as a queer or trans beachgoer!


This will be done through the Parks department; it doesn't seem like funding is needed at this time. We're working on adding signs both recognizing the clothing-optional designation and encouraging folks to be respectful, as well as potentially signage recognizing the queer history of the beach!

Miscellaneous Projects

Down the line, we've got a lot of projects that we're working with the Parks Department on taking on, including:

Ongoing Care

Friends of Denny Blaine and the beach community work to keep the beach clean and safe. If you're interested in volunteering with or organizing a trash pickup or gardening project, please reach out!


On the website and management end, we'd love to add a community calendar to be sent out to our mailing list!